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Pub Favourites

We’re a real pub that likes to do things properly, all fresh, local as possible, cooked to order & definitely worth waiting a little bit for.
Tumble roasted cashew nuts £1.90, sea salt & herb peanuts £1.00, roasted broad beans £1.50, wasabi peas £1.40, peking glazed almonds £1.80, sweet chipotle nuts £1.80, pickled quail eggs (3) £1.00, kasbah almonds £1.80, mixed olives £2.50, chilli rice puffs £1.50, pork scratchings £1.50, crisps £1.00
Baked I.O.W soft cheese, Spicy potato wedges - bit like posh cheesy chips £6.95
Taverners Ploughman's - Soup, Galleybagger* apple, boiled egg, pickles & bread £7.50

Sandwich Board - Any of our sandwich fillings on Taverners bread, a small soup & a few chips

I.O.W Cheeseboard - Soft, Blue & Galleybagger, homemade crackers, quince paste £6.25

Things You Should Know

Almost everything we serve has been made by us on the premises. We work hard to source ethically farmed, great tasting produce, majority of which is from the Island. We only ever serve you food that we would be happy to be served ourselves, which is why all our eggs, chickens, ducks & pork are free range. And YES every chip has been hand cut & triple cooked. Our Beef & Lamb come from Island farms All the time, locally shot game & vegetables when in season, milk & cream comes from Island dairy herds, sometime butter too & our local cheeses come from I.O.W cheese company.

Taverners Favourites
Taverners home-made bread £1.95       SANDWICHES
         .....with mixed olives £1.95 (White, Brown or hal & half  
SOUP of the day with our own bread £4.50 Mature CHEDDER cheese & real ale relish* £4.75
Bucket of our famous CHIPS £2.80 SALT BEEF, beetroot, rocket & horseradish £5.50

GARLIC BREAD - What it say's on the tin

£2.95 FISH FINGER sandwich, mayonnaise £4.95
Devilled WHITEBAIT (Whole salty little fishes), mayo, lemon £5.50 Hand sliced HAM & colemans mustard £4.95
Hand raised PORK PIE, onion marmalade £5.00 Pink PRAWN mayonnaise, iceberg £5.50
POTTED BROWN SHRIMP toast & lemon £6.25 Hand cut CHIP BUTTY £3.80
SHEPHERDS PIE - I.O.W minced lamb topped with mash & a little cheese £9.50
A proper BEEF & Taverners ALE PIE in suet crust pastry, chips & peas £11.25
The Taverners Dunsbury LAMB BURGER, beetroot, feta cheese, red onion & mint salad £9.50
Baked MACARONI cheese with cherry tomatoes & garlic bread £8.95
10oz Kemphill RUMP STEAK, hand chips, field mushrooms & béarnaise sauce £14.95
Taverners Beer battered FISH & CHIPS, peas, homemade tartar sauce & lemon £10.95
Hand sliced local HAM, two free range EGG’s & triple cooked CHIPS £9.50